A messy workspace means a messy business. How can you change the situation?

Of course, there are people who work well with a messy desk or workspace – or at least claim to, because in their mind, they have a grip on what is where…but it’s obvious to most that tidiness and organisation in your working environment leads to better work and productivity.

Even though there are no doubt some individuals who happen to flourish amidst mess or clutter, the majority of home workers will get the most benefits for their life and work by staying tidy and organised in their working environment.

No matter how confident you are that your chaotic ‘system’ or unruly workspace is under your control and doesn’t affect your work, would developing the habit of organised tidiness be a bad thing? Or would it improve your productivity, workflow, or even your mental health and general mood while at work?

I haven’t found the quote online to show you, but I remember hearing this somewhere, and it stuck with me…:

“An organised fool will always outperform a disorganised genius!”

An untidy working area has a subtle affect on your performance, mood and motivation. And, if you’re regularly trying to locate items throughout the day it slows you down (time is money!) and can stress you out (not helpful!).

Walking into the home office in the morning, or room where your work area is, and seeing a pile of rubbish and paperwork all over your desk is a mood dampener, or doesn’t make it very inviting. Whereas a clear and clean desk or area can make all the difference.

A tidy, organised environment is a part of you! A tidy, organised environment helps bring about a tidy and organised mind.

It’s worth setting up some decent storage to file less often used things away until they are needed. This can also help you to mentally shut-off from work at the end of the day, because you won’t be potentially distracted by work related items in view. Also, tie up loose cables and leads and tuck them out of sight etc.

You know what to do – but how do you make the change, especially if it’s gotten out of hand and seems too overwhelming to tackle…?

How to make it and keep it tidy and organised

Tidy Desk

If you’re used to a cluttered workspace but want to change that, it will – very simply – require the development of new habits.

  1. Do something small and quick, every day, even if it’s just two minutes of tidying and de-cluttering. Set a timer for two minutes and go for it. That’s all you need to do, and it will take you slowly but surely to organised bliss.
  2. Make this a part of your routine. For instance, as the first thing you do when you sit down, or as the last thing you do to signify the end of work for the day.
  3. Aim to do it every day until your habit is fully formed. There’s a good chance that when you do your quick cleaning session sometimes, you’ll get into it and want to carry on for a longer tidying session!

Staying on top of your clutter will improve your mood and motivation, make you more effective and productive, and help you to feel much more able to relax and get on with the tasks at hand.

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