About Aspect Avenue

Our website is for freelancers and business owners who work from home.

As a member, you’ll gain ongoing help with running a reliable and successful freelance or home based business.

Support and guidance – through the website’s growing resources, private community, and direct email support – effectively helps each member with running a sustainable, enjoyable business, and navigating through related problems or hindrances to their success.

About the website’s Founder

Victor Taylor

“Hi, I’m Victor Taylor, and I’ve worked at home for the past 20 years. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

“In that time – mainly as a web designer/developer and consultant – I’ve been involved with a variety of business ideas, and worked with a wide variety of business types, large and small. I also enjoy networking, and ran a couple of successful monthly networking events in my home city of Nottingham, UK.

“I’ve experienced and learned a lot along the way, and can say that I have the business acumen and knowledge to help others with the marketing, operations, and mindset of growing a fruitful and enjoyable business from home.

“The idea for Aspect Avenue grew gradually while I searched for a new career path in 2020. Over about three to four months, I painstakingly built the foundations of the Aspect Avenue website, which included several unexpected technical problems and challenges. After testing and developing things more with the help of early members, the site was all ready to go, neatly in time for the New Year of 2021.

“I believe strongly in what the platform will be able to do for its members! I’ll continue to do whatever is possible to make it a brilliant, useful resource and companion for small businesses working from home – and focus on bringing real, practical results for each and every member.”

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