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Victor Taylor
Victor Taylor – Founder

Thanks for visiting, and your interest in the website!

The original aim of the site was to provide a growing and useful resource for people who have a home office workspace. This quickly evolved though, once I had the idea to also start an online community for people who work from home…

I’ve personally worked at home since around 2000 – so 20 years as I write this. I wouldn’t have it any other way!

The Aspect Avenue Community

The members area of the site opened on 20th October 2020. It is for learning, networking, mutual support, opportunities…and provides a friendly, supportive community based around home working, running a business from home, workspace setup, and more…

There are opportunities to promote your business, or position yourself as an expert, or find collaborations etc. As the site and community grows, more member-only resources and tools will be introduced.

It will develop based on the needs and feedback of its members, and will be well managed and maintained to ensure increasing value for members.

Home office workspace

Your physical environment:

If you spend a lot of time in your home office, why not do it right! Why not make it an environment that helps you succeed. A good working environment is important. You need a dedicated workspace, free from distraction of course, and the right equipment, software, furniture etc.

Personal and mental considerations:

There can be mental and behavioural barriers that can affect your work, including loneliness, procrastination, self discipline, time management, work-family balance, and so on. These are other matters discussed among Aspect Avenue members, and in other parts of the website.

Don’t be a stranger!

Aspect Avenue, and its members, will give you a friendly, exclusive community to help you succeed in your work or business – and help you to make your workspace the best it can be.

You’re invited to join us and try things out.

Happy Home Working!

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