Not being consistent

If your website has inconsistencies it can give your visitor a poor experience, make browsing more difficult, and reflect negatively on you and your business. All of which can be bad for sales, or unhelpful for your audience and customers. Your business may be varied in its services/products, or target audiences, but you should still … Read more

Not enough content and information

I talked about Content and Information Overload in Website Oversight number 5. On the other end of the spectrum are websites with ‘not enough’ content or information. Minimalism is very popular in web design/style, and works very well, when executed well. But a minimalistic approach that’s too cryptic or leaves too much to the imagination … Read more

Issues with font colours, styles and sizes

More than just a subjective opinion about styles and colours, this is about the overall visitor experience, the readability of your site’s content and navigation/links – and the effectiveness of your website when it comes to converting people into customers. Font colours that clash with the background colour they’re on (for instance, red on green, … Read more

Unwise and illogical use of pop-ups

I’d say that having pop-ups on your site should be avoided as much as possible, or altogether. Or at least implemented in a thoughtful way. Most pop-ups interrupt your visitor’s journey, appear at the wrong time and at best are no more than a distraction. And usually they don’t offer enough of an incentive to … Read more

Lack of security and safety

There are still a lot of websites frightening potential customers away and putting the site owners’ businesses at risk due to not having SSL security in place. Your site isn’t secure if it’s an “http://” site. It’s now the expected standard requirement for websites to be “https://”. An ‘SSL Certificate’ is needed to do this … Read more

No performance tracking

A very large percentage, maybe more than 75% of website owners, don’t use analytics tools to track their site’s performance. You invested time and money into your website, and are likely still investing in it regularly, even if it’s just for the hosting cost. It makes sense to know how this investment is performing. No … Read more

Never changing content

How often does your site’s content change? Even if your site is there basically to provide information, or just act as an advanced business card, there are useful benefits to offering fresh content regularly. A website has endless possibilities. Unlike a brochure or leaflet, the creation of a website doesn’t have to be the end … Read more

Not enough clarity about what you do

When someone arrives at your site for the first time, they need to know immediately what you do, and what’s in it for them. Even if they found your site via a search of relevant keywords, they need to know they’ve arrived at a relevant place. Have you visited websites to find you have little … Read more

Not being current, relevant, or up to date

Do you care about small and apparently insignificant, minor, outdated parts of your site? Are you someone who would say, “What does it matter if the copyright notice at the foot of my website’s pages says copyright 2015? Most people don’t even look at it…”? This attitude is understandable, especially if your business is doing … Read more