Overcoming the Fear of Making the Leap into Freelance Work

Overcoming the Fear of Making the Leap into Freelance Work

Subscribe to The Freelancer’s Friend on: …and more. Search for The Freelancer’s Friend on your favourite app. https://youtu.be/PAS_B3mvMlg Changing from an employed or contracted position to being a freelancer is a big decision of course. Justin Petersen spent many years as a full time, contracted freelancer in the radio industry, but eventually decided to change … Read more


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We have a small membership so far, so there’s not much activity in the community area just yet. But please do introduce yourself, go ahead and ask questions (about anything at all related to being a freelancer or solopreneur) and your post will definitely be answered or responded to – by Victor Taylor at least. … Read more

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Marketing   Operations 57 Strategies for Dealing with Difficult Clients: Resource…   Finance   Mindset 6 ways to fix your mindset as a freelancer | Layout  

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We don’t sell, we educate. We consult and advise prospects about the benefits our products and services deliver – as opposed to each and every competitor in our niche.   Consultative, advisory selling is the most cost effective, the most enduring, the most impactful and the most powerful marketing strategy a business could ever devise. … Read more