Broken or confusing links

When was the last time you checked your website for broken links?

It might seem trivial, but these little things matter when it comes to making the right impression, engendering trust in your business, and helping your prospects and customers.

A negative user experience of any kind can make your visitor leave your website without engaging or completing transactions.

Also, Google and other search engines view broken links negatively, so the more you have, the more your site will be pushed down the search rankings.

Broken links happen mostly with links to external websites rather than links to other pages in your own site, but both can happen for various reasons.

There are a variety of ways you can automate the process of checking for broken links, or do it quickly. Search for ‘website link checkers’.

Also, when creating new pages, always test them. And if moving content to a new page/section, be sure to set up a redirect for anyone trying to access the old URL.

Why not quickly check your website’s links today?

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