Canned Responses

Responses to ‘What is Aspect Avenue?’

I help freelancers and home based business owners to ensure lasting business success – through support, learning, resources, a private online community…and launching this month, a regular podcast with expert guests!

I’ve been self employed for 20 years as a freelancer in web design/development, but this is a new business started late 2020 –¬†There’s plenty of things on the way that I’m excited about :)

Response to Zoom invites

Thanks a lot for the invite, appreciated – but although it may open opportunities, I’m avoiding zoom-type meetings because I’m so busy with other networking methods, that work for me. I hope it goes well for you

Response to ‘How’s things with you?’

Things are good with me, thanks. I’m mainly focused on my new business now, which is business support/guidance for freelancers and people who work at home. It’s just getting going and I’m excited about building it through this year :)

Do you like podcasts? I’m preparing to start an interview show, with help for freelancers… Info about it is at¬†where you can put your name down to be updated about it – if it might be of interest to you or someone you know?

Response to ‘What are the benefits?’

The service is a combination of mentoring, business education, and a growing community of home based business people (combined knowledge, connections, inspiration, resources, mutual support).

Together these can all be leveraged to help your business develop and grow according to your own specific business stage or struggles.

It’s a new service, but the value and benefit for loyal members is growing all the time.

To get an idea of whether it will be of use to you yourself, you’re welcome to register and try it out, and it’s very easy to delete your account if it’s not useful to you.

Note that the free-forever membership offer for early members finishes tomorrow, so it’s best to register before that if you want to try it out.

No pressure though! Just letting you know about it.