Customer Experience

Sell Them What They Want But Give Them What They Need

Treadmill analogy…

A big part of the battle I’ll fight is getting people to do what they need to do to achieve results with their membership.

The mark of winning businesses is going to be turn-key solutions that help customers through implementation to the desired result.

To get them to take action and do what they need to do to get results may mean that you have to package things in a certain way. You may need to cut the process up into manageable bite-sized pieces so that it doesn’t seem so daunting.

Adding theatre to the service…

Be innovative with aspects of the business other than the service itself…

Think ‘will it blend’…and restaurant that picks up and drives home customers.

Tell them all the trouble I go to

Tell your audience about all the effort that goes into delivering your product or service. In your sales copy and even in your packaging give them the details of how you painstakingly prepare or manufacture your product. This applies equally if you deliver services. Tell them

about your skills, how you acquired them, all the checks and balances you have in place and how you train your staff. The backstory to your product or service is an absolutely essential part of your marketing. Don’t let your efforts and skill go unnoticed. It gives them an assurance that there is substance and quality behind your product. This is especially important if you are pitching a premium product or service.

Looking back at my photo of the shower gel, you can see that the backstory here takes up the entire space on the bottle. There isn’t even a logo or company name—very smart and very good use of prime real estate! The fact is, no one cares about your logo, company name or some dubious claim about being the leader in your industry. They want to know about what your product will do for them, and your backstory is essential to this.

Products Make You Money, Systems Make You A Fortune

There are four main types of business systems you need to create.

  • Marketing system – Generate a consistent flow of leads into the business.
  • Sales system – Lead nurturing, follow-up and conversion.
  • Fulfillment system – The actual thing you do in exchange for the customer’s money.
  • Administration system – Accounts, human resources, etc. Support of all the other business functions.

Begin now to make myself dispensable in the business, and the business ready for the long term.

  • What are the separate Roles, and define the tasks each Role performs.
  • Then document exactly how each task should be performed. As checklists.

Documenting these business systems will be the only way to easily scale the business and let it run without me. This also ensures that your customers get a consistent experience.

Treat myself as an investor in the business, and always be considering how to maximise the return on my investment when I eventually sell the company.