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Thank you for your interest in the new online community for people who work from home.

The site will center around a community of fellow home workers, and include business guidance for people working from home. Also help/ideas with creating the best personal workspace at home, and other related matters.

It will evolve based on the needs and feedback of its members, and be well managed and maintained to ensure increasing value for members.

There will be a small membership fee, but the first 100 members will have free, lifetime access. (Spaces are being taken up quickly!)

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You can email me at any time if you have any questions: – and/or see more details below.

Thanks, and talk soon!
Victor Taylor.

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What’s it all about…?

The site is for anyone who works at home for any reason – business owners; freelancers; remote working employees… (Note that it has nothing to do with the coronavirus situation! That’s just a strange coincidence.)

It will be about learning, networking, and being part of an exclusive community based around:

In due course, helpful, member-only resources and tools, or other beneficial features, will be introduced.

There should be plenty of opportunity to promote your business, or position yourself as an expert, or find collaborations etc. Although the focus should be on community and mutual support. There may be tools, features or sections later on, as the site grows, aimed to facilitate offering/requesting work.

If you sign up using the form above – as a pre-launch member – you will have free, lifetime access!

Feedback from a few people who’ve signed up

“This sounds interesting!”
~ Holly Paton

“I am up for this! It sounds good and I need a community now I am lone working. I am a social media manager and virtual assistant so I think I could add lots of value to the group.”
~ Dion J Sully

“This sounds very interesting I would love to be a part of It!”
~ Fayme Media

“… It sounds like a great idea, and could be greatly valuable. Love it!”
~ Mel Mason

“Sounds great! Just registered!”
~ Krafted Bespoke Creations

“This is awesome!! I just signed up!”
~ Kate Minarik Bishop