Hard to find contact information

Maybe an obvious one, but I’ve definitely been on websites that don’t seem to want me to contact them!

This is the most basic and essential requirement for helping to convert visitors into customers. And it’s quick and easy to put in place.

Is your phone number, and email address etc. showing prominently in the header (and footer too is good)? Is your contact page easy to get to from your main menu?

Do you HAVE a contact page? Even if your contact details are in the header or clearly visible on all pages, a lot of visitors will still look for a contact page, to see if there’s a contact form, or to see what all the contact options are.

Never assume a visitor is going to put in the effort to hunt down the information they want. Make everything as clear and simple as possible, otherwise people are liable to give up and go somewhere else.

Show that you are approachable, and open to being contacted!

Providing multiple ways to contact you can be helpful, as it allows people to use a method they prefer. Phone, email, contact form, via your social media, WhatsApp…

Also, make your contact details a Call To Action where you can.

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