Aspect Avenue is officially open – for people who work at home

Aspect Avenue is Open
It’s been a busy time, with a number of ups and downs, but the members area features, and related aspects of the site, are all set up… The doors opened yesterday, 20-10-2020. I’m glad I made it in time for that deadline because of the nice neat look to the official opening date! The first members have been registering and starting to try out the site – with very positive feedback so far :) There is however, a minor technical… continue reading

Small Home Office Desk Ideas – Saving Space in Your Workspace

Small Home Office Desk Ideas
When space is limited, it can be difficult to work out how to fit in a home office/workspace.The desk is normally the largest item in your set-up, so that’s a good place to start. The small home office desk ideas in this article will hopefully inspire you if you’re looking to save space.

Types of small home office desk

Whether you live in a small place with limited space for a desk, or only need a small area for your
continue reading

What is the Best Office Chair for Back Pain?

Office Chair Back Pain
When I say “What is the Best Office Chair for Back Pain” I of course mean the best chair for getting rid of, or preventing back pain – not the best chair to give you back pain :) The main reason behind office chair back pain, and other problems, is that sitting down is a static posture that causes stress in various parts of your body. Let’s have a look at back pain caused by office chairs, and the best… continue reading