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Hi, I’m Victor Taylor, and I’ve enjoyed working as a freelance graphic designer, web designer/developer and consultant since 2002! In that time, I’ve been involved with a variety of business ideas, and worked with a wide variety of business types, large and small.

Now I offer you various kinds of business support for the online side of your business. See more details about the services via one of the three boxes below….

Feel free to email me or call 07803 817 970.
Best times to phone are normally Mon-Fri, between 10am and 3pm.

Victor Taylor
Graphic Design - Web


General online business support and website maintenance

Save Your Valuable Time… Remove Tech Headaches and Struggles… Streamline and Scale Your Business Better…

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Get yourself an excellent new website or website upgrade

Everything you need for a reliable and effective website - including reliable hosting, email accounts, and domain names...

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Graphic Design


Quality graphics to help your business stand out - online or offline

The first impression makes all the difference! Get the graphics to suit any of your branding, campaign or visual impact needs...

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“Victor has given me outstanding results on a number of websites over several years. I simply cannot recommend him enough and just knowing he is there for emergencies is so much better than using cheap pirates who think you owe them a living, people who take your money and disappear. I trust Victor. If you have an internet business you need someone who can stick around to implement new ideas as the business evolves. Aspect Avenue will stand by you and solve any issue you have to confront.”

Steve Holmes ~ High End CV Writer and Consultant

“I have only the greatest admiration not only for your technical skill – which is creatively exceptional – but also your dedication, patience and customer friendly approach.”
Helga Edge ~ Career Consultant
“Very generous and helpful. I would not hesitate to recommend Aspect Avenue to anyone. It is important that your website conveys professionalism to convert clients. Victor makes sure this happens.”

Claudia Ortiz-Fonseca ~ Specialist in Private Banking

“I had my website built and rebuilt by Victor several times and am very happy with the results… I can also speak positively of the technical support offered. Glitches and hitches fixed swiftly and efficiently and with advice on how to avoid repeated problems given in clear English too!
Andrew S. Walsh ~ Videogames and TV Script Writer