How Can I Keep Myself Motivated whilst Working from Home?

We all know by now how difficult it can be to keep yourself motivated whilst working from home. Even if you begin your working day with entirely good intentions, starting out strong and focused and getting plenty of work done within the first couple of hours, it can be almost impossible to resist the inevitable post-lunch crash.

The reality is that, with nobody else to keep you accountable for your own productivity, it’s all too easy to lose focus and switch off mentally after a while – and before you know it, you’ve wasted a huge fraction of your working day.

Luckily, all is not lost. If you know the right tips, tricks and ways to tweak your daily routine, you could hugely improve your overall level of motivation to work – and increase your levels of productivity, too!

Here are our top tips for keeping yourself motivated whilst working from home.

Establish Your Goals Early On

By making a checklist of every task that you have to do that day before you even start working in the morning, you’ll have an easy resource to refer to that will help to keep you on track throughout your working day.

Sometimes we can feel unmotivated because the day ahead of us feels too long or too boring – breaking your day down into a list of shorter, more manageable working tasks will keep you working towards your goal of getting everything done. Write all your tasks down first thing and then refer back to it throughout the day.

Don’t forget to cross out every item on the list as you complete them. There’s fewer more encouraging things than seeing yourself get closer and closer to the finish line!

Be Firm with Yourself

motivate yourself

Being at home means that there are far more opportunities for procrastination and distraction.

It’s difficult to procrastinate for too long in an office environment before someone notices and calls you out for slacking, but there’s nobody there to do that at home – we’re entirely in charge of our own productivity.

Knowing that there’s nobody around to stop us having the occasional scroll through social media or a brief break to respond to texts from friends can mean that we’re far more susceptible to those little distractions. Each one may only last a couple of minutes at a time, but it all adds up.

With all this in mind, the best thing to do is simply tell yourself no! Keep your phone in a different room if you can, don’t have the television playing as background noise and if you suddenly find yourself typing ‘facebook’ into your search bar, remind yourself that you’re not going to get any work done like that!

We’re all human – it’s difficult at first to take charge of your own productivity, but incredibly rewarding once you master it.

Make the Most of Your Breaks

Set yourself short breaks at regular intervals – every couple of hours or so is ideal – so that you’ve always got something to work towards and aren’t entirely tiring yourself out. This will leave you feeling like your day is broken down into much more manageable ‘shifts’ of work and will allow you to focus more on your work in-between breaks.

Don’t forget that you also need to set yourself a proper lunch break, too. You may feel that this is pointless, as you can simply grab some food and eat at your desk. However, this just isn’t enough to give your brain a necessary break, and is far more likely to lead to a lack of motivation later on in the day!

Instead, set aside a decent amount of time to make and enjoy a proper lunch – and make sure you don’t eat at your desk, too. Use the time to stretch your legs and enjoy a change of scenery.

Check In with Others

Check In with Others

We’ve already discussed how working from home means there’s nobody around to keep you accountable, but it also means that there’s nobody around to encourage you either.

During your shorter breaks throughout the day, take a minute to check in with friends and family, or perhaps even fellow home workers.

Right here on Aspect Avenue, members have the opportunity to speak to and get to know other home workers from across the globe – this can be a great way to keep yourself and others feeling encouraged during the day, so it’s worth joining and introducing yourself to other site users!

Introduce Some Small Lifestyle Changes

Your overall lifestyle could be negatively affecting your success whilst working from home without you even realising it.

One thing it’s important to keep an eye on is your sleep schedule. Without a daily commute or really needing to get ready in a morning, it can be tempting to neglect getting up at reasonable time in favour of enjoying a lie in!

However, jumping straight out of bed and going right to your desk can leave you with absolutely no time to wake yourself up in the morning and, in turn, no time to motivate yourself for the day ahead.

We’d recommend getting into the habit of waking up at the same time each morning, perhaps an hour or so before you start work.

After that, change out of your pyjamas (a key element of getting yourself out of sleep mode and into work mode), get yourself some breakfast to enjoy away from your desk and maybe even take part in some light exercise before you start your working day. Taking a walk is ideal, as it gets you out of the house for a while, too.

Overall, motivating yourself to focus when you’re working from home can be a bit of an uphill battle, but once you know how to do it, you’ll see your productivity go through the roof!

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