Intro for Special Members

Hi [wlm_firstname],

Our paying members receive a series of emails when they first join, walking them through various aspects of Aspect Avenue.

But seeing as you, as a valued ‘Special Member’, won’t see all that, I’ve set out some of the main points here for you…

Taking advantage of the help on offer

The website and service is all about helping you – as much as possible – in your business, and your working-from-home circumstances.

Please do say whether there’s anything in particular you struggle with at the moment, or challenge you’d like to talk about.

Either post a question to the community in one of the appropriate Groups, or ask privately by emailing me at

If you don’t mind others seeing your question and giving input, please use the Groups as a first choice – because it helps the community to grow, and other members with similar questions can benefit from the answers and discussion.

If you contact me personally though, I’ll do my best to help you, or point you in the right direction if I can. I think this is so much more valuable than offering you a PDF, Checklist or similar ‘welcome gift’, as we can try to address your specific needs directly!

Using the website

There are two main ways to get started on Aspect Avenue:

1 – Just find your way around from your Dashboard page.
You go straight to your Dashboard each time you login.

2 – It’s recommended you go through the short Getting Started on Aspect Avenue course (recently updated). It walks you through some basic steps to help you start making the most out of the site. Learn about optimising your Profile…how Groups are the center of our community…earning Points and increasing your Member Rank

There’s a lot more I could say, but at this stage, it’s best if you just dive in and use the site.

Best regards,