Keyworth Dental Practice

Website Upgrade

Keyworth Dental’s outdated site had a number of design issues, and it was hard for their team to make updates when they needed to. It was time to refresh things!

The Old Website

The old site’s issues

As with other websites that haven’t been updated in quite a while, Keyworth Dental Practice had these common problems:

  • Not secure, and open to malicious attacks/hacking. With an ‘unsecure’ warning shown to visitors in the address bar.
  • Not mobile friendly, looking bad and being hard to use on smaller screens/devices.
  • Outdated visual style and design.
  • Broken elements such as missing images or dead links.

The content of the site was also impossible for the Keyworth Dental Practice team to edit/update, and the original website provider was no longer around to do it for them.

Aspect Avenue’s Solution

As is usually the case with website upgrades, the best thing to do was start again from scratch.

The Practice now has a modern, secure website that looks good and works well on smaller screens.

The team can also now make updates to the content whenever they like.