Lead Nurturing

Be marketing farmers!

Follow up 13+ times. And stay in touch forever until they die, unsubscribe or buy.

Building our marketing infrastructure

Send high probability prospects a continuous stream of value until they’re ready to

buy. Be a Welcome Guest rather than a pest.

Tutorials, articles, case studies… …

The first few interactions with a prospect are sacred and should be carefully orchestrated. Nothing should be left to chance. A shock and awe pack is an amazing tool for delivering that “wow” emotion in our prospect.

A shock and awe pack should do three things:

  1. Give our prospect amazing, unexpected value.
  2. Position ourselves an the experts and trusted authority in our niche.
  3. Move our prospect further down the buying cycle than they would otherwise have been.

More compelling and more frequent offers = rapid business growth

Form the habit and routine.

||||| Note for VT while still working alone: OUTSOURCE ROUTINE TASKS ASAP.
Then I can spend more time on higher level marketing tasks like designing and testing new marketing campaigns or improving the value of our offering.

As well as a regular marketing calendar, establish event triggers and their corresponding actions.

  • [To be refined and worked out fully…] One of us meets a potential prospect at a business event: Transcribe their details from their business card into Active Campaign and put them on our monthly newsletter and/or postcard list.
  • We get an inbound sales inquiry: Send them a handwritten note and our shock and awe package.
  • We get a new email list subscriber: An Automation emails them an educational five-part series over a number of days, or similar.
  • We receive a customer complaint: After the issue is resolved send them a handwritten apology note and gift of some kind.