Lighting your home office right can improve your work

Can you see the light? Is it good? Hallelujah! Get the light right for more effective working.

Hopefully you have a working space with plenty of light – ideally, natural light. It’s good for your mood, and can boost your overall productivity, health and wellbeing. It’s also better for your eyesight.

As you probably know if you’ve set things up to avoid glare on your screen, it’s best not to have a window behind you – but watch out when having a window facing you as you work too. Facing a window on an ongoing basis can be harmful to your eyes in the long term. Just have some drapes or blinds closed to diffuse the light.

If plenty of natural light isn’t an option for you – or, like me as I write this, you live in the UK and it’s January! – good illumination of your workspace with suitable indoor lighting is recommended.

Adjustable lamps are good, for positioning light according to the time of day or task you’re working on. They’re also useful too, for video calls, to help show you in your best light!

Don’t underestimate the virtues of good lighting in your working environment.

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