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  • It’s very easy to cancel during the trial if you wish (see the bottom of this page) so why not join us and have a look around…?
  • After your free trial, if you choose to stay, Membership is only £6.50 per month! Or get the equivalent of two months per year for free if you choose a Yearly Plan.

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No payment is made until the end of your free trial – and only if you decide to stay a member.

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What’s it all about…? is for anyone who works at home for any reason – business owners; freelancers; remote working employees…

It’s about learning, networking, and being part of an exclusive community based around:

  • Home working in general.
  • Running a business from home and a wide variety of business related topics – for businesses at all stages and with all levels of experience.
  • Working at home considerations…such as productivity, self motivation, loneliness, discipline, work/family balance, time management…
  • Workspace setup; furniture, equipment, working tools/software, a productive environment…

In due course, helpful, member-only resources and tools, or other beneficial features, will be introduced.

There should be plenty of opportunity to promote your business, or position yourself as an expert, or find collaborations etc. Although the focus should be on community and mutual support. There may be tools, features or sections later on, as the site grows, aimed to facilitate offering/requesting work.

If you sign up above you will have free access to everything for a whole week. It’s easy to cancel during your trial week if it’s not for you. Please feel free to register and try things out for a bit. You’ll be emailed some more information during your trial week, to tell you about aspects of the site – but there’s no pressure.


Join us for a week, and see if you want to stay…

It’s more than just a discussion/social platform

The community is central to the site, but as things develop, the intention is to create an indispensable resource, with various, valuable benefits for people who work at home.

The site is just getting started, but in due course (as it’s learned what members need and want most) other features and tools will be introduced. These could include – for one example – a dedicated area for offering and finding work/services…

(The discussions/social side of the site enables you to socialise and network with familiar features like posting, commenting, friending, liking…and using images, videos, slideshows etc. And your Profile includes a variety of ways to showcase who you are and what you do.)

“… It sounds like a great idea, and could be greatly valuable.
Love it!”

~ Mel Mason

“This sounds interesting!”
~ Holly Paton

Working at home can get lonely for some

An online community (on this site or elsewhere) obviously can’t replace human contact in the real world, but can definitely take the edge off loneliness.

You can connect with people who understand your situation, for mutual support, and/or browse posts/comments by people in the same boat as you.

As well as any discussions (in topic-based groups here) about business, or home office environment etc., you have space to simply socialise. Being part of a friendly community can help you with self-motivation and much more.

“I am up for this! It sounds good and I need a community now I am lone working. I am a social media manager and virtual assistant so I think I could add lots of value to the group.”
~ Dion J Sully

Free from spam and scams

Unlike certain, free social media Groups or other free discussion platforms, Aspect Avenue is a place where you can be sure of there being no scams or spam posts.

Members tend to be here genuinely for help, or for legitimate networking and opportunities. Also, spammers and scammers are unlikely to pay a membership fee.

Members are also encouraged in various ways to not use the site like an advertising channel, or for mainly self-promotion – and to report any unsuitable content to Admin.

Strict Scams & Spam Policy:
Spam, dubious content, or repetitive self-promotion is swiftly deleted, and culprits given a warning. If the person is reported again and it’s decided by Admin that they are intentionally spamming, their account is closed.

“This sounds very interesting I would love to be a part of It!”
~ Fayme Media

“Sounds great! Just registered!”
~ Krafted Bespoke Creations

Improve your work at home life!

Establish yourself as an expert in your field. There is the option to upgrade to an ‘Expert Membership’. This enables you to set up and run your own Group based around a topic of your choosing.

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“This is awesome!! I just signed up!”
~ Kate Minarik Bishop

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How do I cancel my account during the free trial?

It’s very easy to cancel during your 7-Day Free Trial if you decide to, and you won’t be charged for anything. A link is easy to find on the Member Support page, while you’re logged in. No fuss; no maze to go through to find the delete button; no begging you to stay! :)