Membership Points and Ranks

Points are awarded when you perform various actions on the site. As you stay active and involved in the community, your point score will grow, and you’ll achieve higher ranks. It’s a bit of fun, encourages some members to be more active, and indicates to other members your standing in the community.

Sections on this page:

Number of points needed for each rank

You earned 10 points for becoming a member, [wlm_firstname]!

New Member
Points Required: 10 to 99

Distinguished Member
Points Required: 100 to 999

Premier Member
Points Required: 1,000 to 4,999

Elite Member
Points Required: 5,000 to 9,999

Principal Member
Points Required: 10,000 or more

How points are earned

Certain actions you take, automatically increase your score…
Also, 100 Points are awarded for each year you’re a member, as an Anniversary Gift.

Uploading your profile images:

Your profile images are very important. Having no avatar or cover picture gives a negative impression, and doesn’t show you in the best light. Therefore, you are awarded 20 points for uploading each of these.
Upload your avatar here
Upload your cover picture here

  • 20 Points – for uploading a new avatar. Change your profile picture as often as you like, but points are limited to 20 per month.
  • 20 Points – for uploading a new profile cover picture. Change your profile cover picture as often as you like, but points are limited to 20 per month.

Activity in the Community:

  • 3 Points – for each Comment on other members’ posts.
  • 2 Points – for each new friendship.
  • 1 Point – for sending a private message. Limited to 5 points per day.
  • 1 Point – for updating your profile. Limited to 5 points per day.

Other kinds of activity:

  • 20 Points – for referring someone to Aspect Avenue.
  • 3 Points – for adding a new, approved Comment on an Aspect Avenue blog post. Limited to 5 Comments per post.
  • 1 Point – for viewing an Aspect Avenue blog post.
  • 1 Point – for logging in to the website. Limited to 1 point per day.

Points can go down too!

  • 3 Points deduction – for each Comment removed from other members’ posts.
  • 2 Points deduction – for losing a friend. Life can be cruel! :)

Earn more points for website referrals

Earn 20 Points for each new person you refer to Aspect Avenue.

Share your unique affiliate link with your contacts (business owners and freelancers who work from home). You will earn 20 Points whenever someone follows your link. Your link is associated with your own account – as you can see, the link below includes your Username, [wlm_username].

Share this link:

[mycred_affiliate_link url=””]

  • Your points awarded for referrals are limited to 200 points per month.
  • Your points are only awarded once per referred person (IP Address).


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