Never changing content

How often does your site’s content change? Even if your site is there basically to provide information, or just act as an advanced business card, there are useful benefits to offering fresh content regularly.

A website has endless possibilities. Unlike a brochure or leaflet, the creation of a website doesn’t have to be the end of the story. Your site can, and should, be continually evolving with your business.

Ongoing fresh content is great for your visitors, search engine optimisation, and your business.

A changing, growing website can produce repeat traffic, increase your authority and credibility, and help you build relationships with prospects and existing customers.

The obvious and easiest way to provide always-fresh content is by adding an active blog – to share news, articles about industry trends, provide helpful expertise, and more… Whatever is good for your target audience.

As well as giving your visitors value that helps you gain trust and build your brand, blog posts can help in driving new traffic to your site. Traffic can come from sharing your posts via social media or other methods. And frequent, quality content is highly valuable as an SEO practice.

Other potential types of fresh content can be, for example: adding testimonials as you collect them; reposting certain social media content you’ve created onto your site; adding new pages that delve deeper into aspects of your services or products; creating an ongoing archive of your past newsletters; creating a series of videos or a podcast; a section for your growing portfolio or client case studies…

Your site is an important and valuable tool in your marketing arsenal, so why not keep it alive, active, and working for you?

Get personal help with your website…

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