Not being current, relevant, or up to date

Do you care about small and apparently insignificant, minor, outdated parts of your site? Are you someone who would say, “What does it matter if the copyright notice at the foot of my website’s pages says copyright 2015? Most people don’t even look at it…”?

This attitude is understandable, especially if your business is doing fine as it is. But I’d like to suggest you don’t overlook keeping your site current, in all its aspects – from little things like the copyright year, to major things like a stale blog section that hasn’t had a new post for several years.

Some might not see this as an issue because they see their website as more of a static thing (it was created so the job is done), or they don’t utilise the power of their website in their business much, so don’t see keeping it up to date as much of a priority.

Maybe you don’t have a website provider maintaining your website for you, or you don’t personally have the skills to make the changes you need to? (Contact me if that’s the case!)

The importance of keeping all parts of your website up to date is, in my opinion, mainly about how you and your business are perceived. Why take the chance of a potentially good customer looking at your copyright year and thinking, “If they can’t even have the current year at the bottom of all their pages, how efficient and reliable are they…?”

To deal with this particular oversight, you don’t need to completely overhaul your website. Simply look through and update any outdated, irrelevant or no longer correct content. Check info about your team members, your prices, your services, your news, and so on…

Once you’ve made sure things are current and relevant, have an easy routine to stay on top of things for good, or hire someone to do this for you. And it’s a good idea to do the same for your other online profiles and social media etc.

Why risk turning people away, or giving a poor impression?

Get personal help with your website…

I can perform a full audit of your website for you, and give professional feedback and recommendations for your content, navigation, layout, Search Engine Optimisation, and more. It would be great to chat. Please email – or call 07803 817 970. Best times to phone are normally Mon-Fri, between 10am and 3pm.

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