Not enough clarity about what you do

When someone arrives at your site for the first time, they need to know immediately what you do, and what’s in it for them.

Even if they found your site via a search of relevant keywords, they need to know they’ve arrived at a relevant place.

Have you visited websites to find you have little idea what the site is about or who it’s for? What did you do? I’m guessing you didn’t see much point in staying at the website.

On your own site, do you have a clever strapline or heading that sounds good but doesn’t really relay to the visitor what it is you do, or offer? Or imagery that looks great, but doesn’t convey the nature of your business?

Does every page on your site make your purpose and offering abundantly clear as soon as the page loads? Or is your language and imagery etc. more flowery, or cryptic, or obscure…?

Is your content free of too much jargon? Unless your business and website targets people in your own industry, avoid jargon and acronyms etc. that those outside your industry probably wouldn’t understand.

Always put yourself in your visitor’s and prospect’s shoes. Make sure that when someone arrives at your site for the first time, they know immediately what you do, and who the site is for.

Don’t beat around the bush, or be too clever or ‘creative’ – just make it nice and clear, in simple language: What do you offer? Who do you offer it to?

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