Not enough content and information

I talked about Content and Information Overload in Website Oversight number 5. On the other end of the spectrum are websites with ‘not enough’ content or information.

Minimalism is very popular in web design/style, and works very well, when executed well. But a minimalistic approach that’s too cryptic or leaves too much to the imagination kind of defeats the object for most websites.

As mentioned before, the visitor needs to know quickly what it is you offer, and whether you can address their needs/wants. So if your site is cool and stylish, but leaves your visitor guessing, it will be more of a frustration for them than helpful and persuasive.

Whatever kind of design and layout style you have, and whatever the personality of your brand, it’s best not to shirk actual content and detailed information.

Provide all the information you can – without giving away anything that needs to be kept to yourself for now of course – and try to make sure you don’t leave visitors in the dark.

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