NOTES – Distribution and Promotion

“Fortunately, you can be everywhere at once, thanks to RSS.

You do have to submit your feed once to all the places people can listen, but after that, every episode magically appears in listeners’ apps when you upload a single file…”

Continue finding and collecting details of places, publications, media, social media groups/forums, websites, blogs…that cater to the listeners in our target market.

Their website, contact person and/or details, how they prefer to receive submissions if known or relevant, and other relevant details…

Also collect info on media entities who cater to a wider, more general audience.

And possibly other geographical locations.

  • Distribute to All platforms. Apparently there are 30+ players who will broadcast it for free…
  • Pod Chaseris the IMDB for podcasts. Claim our podcast there.
    See how, under ‘Questions From Creators’ at
  • Appear on other people’s podcasts.
  • Maybe FB Groups.
  • Content Curation. Podcasts, articles, videos… Share on social media and our podcast. Increases authority, facilitates learning the niche, good for networking and connections. Let them know I’ve shared it, to start a conversation.
  • Reach out to relevant organisations, such as small business associations etc. etc.
  • Email marketing. Lead magnet…for a TFF email List.