NOTES – LinkedIn Content

  • Niche down onto three content pillars:
  • Insights– Crisp, updated professional tips and know-how that can help your target community. You don’t have to be a bigshot business guru to share valuable content. Think about your target followers. What bite-sized insights could help their daily lives? What could make them more awesome? Think practical, step by step, proven advice that has helped your own career.
  • Personal stories– You could post loads and loads of helpful tips, but if you don’t let your personality and spice shine through – you’ll likely not evoke much emotional bond.You need to connect to your community on a more intimate, personal basis. Include short personal development stories, importantlife lessons you’ve learned, things you wish you had known when you were younger, etc. In this kind of posts, use words that stress emotional states on an almost visceral level. Take your cape off occasionally, superman/superwoman.
  • Entertainment– Picture this: thousands of people are scrolling throughLinkedIn, stressed from their workday and on their 4th cup of coffee. In between vanilla, obnoxiously promotional “download our free whitepaper” posts, they suddenly bump into an entertaining, funny, or playful post of yours, which puts a smile on their face. Boom. Unexpected entertainmentdrives the most engagement and boosts the follower-creator bond; it’s exactly thesort of content that propelled me forward the most with my own community.

Maybe use an image with speech bubbles as jokes – like the hunter/farmer one I did…

  • Include video – interestingly, reach tends to be smaller for video as it’s not a video-first platform. But (and there’s a big “but” here), the engagement rate andimpact videohas is unparalleled (3-4x higher engagement rate than text, based on my experience). Seeing another person come alive on a mostly text-based platform ought to make you stand out. Start with short 60 second videos, and once you build up a loyal community, you can go longer as you’ve earned more of their attention. Don’t overthink the quality of your videos.The equipment I use is my iPhone camera, a LED ring light, a small microphone, and a paper green screen (which is totally optional).Authentic, front camera clips work even better than polished productions (see TikTok’s top-performing videos as proof). Just make sure the light and sound are clear and add subtitles for those who watch videos on mute.
  • Book your content creationslots on your calendar. Either pick a day in the week to plan your content fully for the next few days, or dedicate 30 minutes a few times per week for this purpose. The most difficult thing about content creation is to turn it into an actual habit- so when you are writing content, avoid email and phone distractions. There’s no magic or hack here- consistency and focus are key.Once results come pouring in your serotonin levels will motivate you to keep going. Until this happens, you’ll need to not just rely on motivation but follow an organized, disciplined framework to translate your goals into action. So, open up your calendars and make it official.
  • Post 3-5times per week. Don’t overthink the execution;frequency and speed matter a great deal, and this is exactly where almost all aspiring influencers fail miserably. They overanalyze, allowing the veil of perfectionism to slow them down until they quit. Give yourself time to experiment, tweak and diversify content formats- long text, short tips, videos, funny memes, interesting stats, inspirational quotes etc. Take a few months to find your sweet spot and keep going.
  • Engage with others. The LinkedIn algorithm highly encourages discussions. Hence, a large portion of your profile trafficwill come from engaging with other users’ posts, especially commenting (resharing has minimal reach, by the way). Avoid the “nice” or “that’s awesome” kind of comments. Instead, take a few seconds to write something thoughtful that would get people clicking on your profile. On days I engage more, I immediately see the positive effects with a lot more connection requests and visitors. Remember, content creation is not just your own posts; it’s also your thoughtful comments!

This opportunity train won’t be parked here for long. LinkedIn will become saturated like all other popular social networks, and then we’ll have to pay to play. I’d encourage anyone reading this not to wait, not to over-strategize, and start somewhere. You’ll never feel fully ready-plant the seed, water it everyday and you’ll figure it out as you go along.