O-Tokuda – Japanese Restaurant

Website Upgrade

The restaurant had a very old website. Not suitable for mobile or tablets. It was created in the days before smartphones and such.

The site had been coded in a very unusual way, and suffered from a variety of errors and faults – including links leading to the wrong pages, and the Reservations form not working occasionally…and more. It looked old fashioned, and was also unsecure, and open to potential malware attacks etc.

It wasn’t doing the restaurant any favours. In fact it was no doubt doing the business harm – especially as most customers now book to eat out via their phone.

The Old Website

Previous Desktop View
Previous Mobile View

Aspect Avenue’s Solution

The best thing to do was start again from scratch, with a modern, secure website that looks good and works well on any device.

The design is now a lot more user-friendly. There’s also a new Reservations form (to replace the old one that had had intermittent problems).

And they now have their own built-in online ordering system!

New Online Ordering System

As well as refreshing and upgrading the site, the restaurant has been given the requested system to provide online ordering for their customers, accepting card payments and alerting the restaurant immediately.

This is great for customers, and saves the restaurant a lot of money because it replaces the large fees they were paying to Uber Eats.