Pre-Broadcast Process

1. Prepare Tasters/Trailers

These steps can be done before and throughout the Pre-Broadcast Process.

Create Graphics and Audio – as Trailer/Promotion/Guest-shares.

  • Promo graphics – Affinity Designer Template
  • Create Audiogram – Headliner

Get creative… Think up unusual and entertaining ways to put out the message that the episode is on the way.

Get all these audio, video, graphic, written tasters and tempters ready to use in our Pre-Broadcast campaigns (and to share with the guest via WeTransfer for them to promote after the episode has gone live).

Our community is a powerful promotion aid. If we get the announcements and tasters right, it can go a long way to creating a word of mouth buzz, and making people want to share our content.

2. Announcements, press coverage, and promotions

  • Email List (On the Avenue)
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Press coverage

Long lead press: Part of the process is getting press coverage. A longer amount of time (around 3 months) should be allowed for any major, national press or publications of that caliber and reach.

Short lead press, is the relevant blogs and magazines smaller than mainstream and leading ones, and online promotion sites/platforms/services, local press/media…etc. Lead time for these kinds of channels is normally a few days to a few weeks.

The idea is to push our promotion to as many of these publications and channels as possible.