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Small Home Office Desk Ideas

Small Home Office Desk Ideas – Saving Space in Your Workspace

When space is limited, it can be difficult to work out how to fit in a home office/workspace.

The desk is normally the largest item in your set-up, so that’s a good place to start. The small home office desk ideas in this article will hopefully inspire you if you’re looking to save space.

Types of small home office desk

Whether you live in a small place with limited space for a desk, or only need a small area for your desk/workspace, there are a number of different types of small home office desks for you to consider…

Wall-mounted desk

Buying, or creating yourself, a wall-mounted office desk guarantees your desk stays against the wall, and removes the need for desk legs getting in the way. Wall-mounted desks, like this one with shelf storage, are perfect for a small home office space. The grey one pictured is by Rare Epochsee it here. They also do it in brown, wood effect – here.

Fold-out desk

Brilliant for saving space – just fold it away when not in use. A fold-out desk normally has plenty of space for your laptop and other necessities when it’s opened. You can also find fold-out desks that double-up as cabinets or storage units when not in use…

Leaning office desk

Leaning office desk

This is quite a modern look, and is great for saving space. They work great with a stool instead of a bulky office chair. Just keep in mind that stools aren’t ideal for your back if you spend long sessions at the desk.

Standing desk/workstation

Free up floor space with no need for a chair… Also reap the health benefits of standing rather than sitting at your small office desk. Standing office desks/workstations can be wall-mounted as well as freestanding. There are lots of options available.

Cubby Desk

Cubby desk

These come in various styles, shapes and sizes. You should be able to find something similar that suits your decor or taste. They are very practical, with storage, and a surface area for creating a perfect small office set-up.

Transparent desk

Even a small office desk can make a room feel smaller and more cramped depending on the room. One idea is to get a see-through office desk. It can help to create the illusion of there still being space, by not hiding the view of the wall or other items.

Dual-sided desk

Dual-sided desk for 2 people

If you and your partner or other person in your home both need a desk, one way to save space is to use the same, dual-sided desk. A small one could work well for you, rather than trying to find the room for two separate desks.

Or re-purpose other furniture or surfaces…

A dressing table, counter/worktop, or other surface you already have could double up as a desk. Permanently, or just as and when needed. Many successful businesses first started at the kitchen table!

Ideas on where to set up a small home office desk

Choosing a good spot is a part of it of course – not just the size or type of desk. Here are a few ideas for where to set up your desk, in case helpful…

  • Under a staircase is a popular place for a desk/office area.
  • A large cupboard could potentially be an option for you, where you could set up a desk inside.
  • Wall space/alcoves can make for an ideal small spot to have a small desk.
  • Turn an outbuilding/shed into a dedicated home office, or an area within the outbuilding.
  • Create a home office (or area for a workspace) in your loft, cellar/basement, hallway/landing, kitchen, or the classic: bedroom/spare room…
  • …or maybe you can sell or giveaway certain furniture or other items to make room for a little workspace area.

Corner home office desk ideas

A corner of a room or other area can be just right for keeping your small desk out of the way… Here are a few ideas:

Built-in desk

Built-in desk

If you have an oddly shaped, awkward space where you’d like your office desk to go, a custom made solution might be an option for you. It’s possible to have a bespoke desk created for you to fit snugly into any particular space you need it to.

L-shaped desk

L-shaped desk

There are coutless L-shaped desk options available because they’re so great for tucking into a corner to save space, and can be a really pleasing feature of the room.

Wall unit desk

Wall unit desk

These come in various designs and sizes, and – as well as tucking away a small desk into the corner – can be useful for providing extra storage to save more space, and can provide a way to be creative with your ornements or other items. 

DIY Desk

Of course, if you or someone you know is handy at building things and DIY, there’s always the option to build a desk, which could save money as well as space.

DIY projects for your home office workspace is a large topic, and I’ll be delvinging into that more in time. For now, I’d just like to suggest it as a possibility for a small desk/office.

Space for your workspace

Once you know what kind of desk you want, there are all kinds of designs and styles and no doubt you’ll find the best solution before long. Just choose the type of small home office desk you want, or decide on how you could utilise an existing surface or piece of furniture.

I hope the above has given you some ideas. If you have any questions, or thoughts, please Comment below – it would also be good to hear what you plan to do for your own workspace…

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