The Freelancer’s Friend

The Freelancer’s Friend Podcast

Launched in March 2021, The Freelancer’s Friend Podcast features experts, freelancers and other people in the freelancing world.

The shows are all about helping freelancers and solopreneurs with various aspects of working from home, freelancing and business.

How Freelancers can Boost Income by Offering Digital Products, or Online Courses
Client Retention and How to Have Reliable and Consistent Freelance Income
Can Freelancers Succeed With Just Organic Marketing and a Small Audience?
Freelancing Mums - Getting Clients, Breaking Through Overwhelm, and Developing a Winning Mindset
Winning High Value Clients While Also Enjoying Meaningful and Fulfilling Work
Overcoming the Fear of Making the Leap into Freelance Work
Practical Ways to Get Your First 1,000+ Followers, Subscribers or Website Visitors
Gaining More Confidence - for Men who Run a Freelance Business
The Freelancer's Friend Podcast
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