The Negative Effects of Procrastination

The negative effects of procrastination are varied, ranging from minor, such as missing a deadline, to major, such as a failed business.

The reasons for procrastination are varied too, and are different from person to person. It may be due to fears we don’t acknowledge or are unaware of… It may be simply a lack of motivation to complete the tasks at hand… 

Whatever the cause, it can have quiet serious and damaging effects over time. Here are some of the most common outcomes that procrastinating can have on both your business and personal life.

Losing precious time

Taking action is one of the most important requirements of running a business. It’s necessary for your business growth.

If procrastinating continues, it can not only waste time in your day, but you may find yourself a number of years older and nothing has changed!

Missed opportunities

You will likely miss lots of opportunities for business advancement, gaining brilliant clients, making valuable connections, and who knows what else.

You may have already missed some life-changing opportunities thanks to delaying things, avoiding things…and not putting yourself out there or following up on your plans.

Not meeting goals

It’s easy to set goals, but the aim of course is to achieve goals.

Again this is about taking action. Are your goals so big that you are overwhelmed by the mountain you need to climb? Break them down into smaller steps that aren’t so off-putting.

Are your goals in alignment with what you really, truthfully, want to achieve? If not, this is one possible cause for procrastination.

Ruining your freelance business

The way you work directly affects your results, how much you achieve, and how well you perform. The effects of procrastination can even end up being fatal for your business.

Your business might continue and basically survive…but (as you are no doubt aware!) procrastination doesn’t do your business any favours. Removing procrastination from the equation can make a huge difference to your business’s health and growth.

Low self-esteem

This can be a vicious circle for some. Procrastination can lead to low self-esteem because you are failing to get things done…causing more procrastination because it tells you that you aren’t up to the task, or won’t be able to do it in the right way etc…leading to procrastination, which can add to the feelings of low self-esteem and create more self-doubt…leading to procrastination…

If this resonates with you, focus on building your self-esteem first, and accept that it’s all in your mind. Do what you can to gain more confidence in your abilities – and then you can tackle any causes of your procrastination.

Poor decisions

Procrastinating can put us behind in our work, and the pressure of a looming deadline can bring about rushed and poor decisions.

Procrastination increases negative emotions. Emotions heavily influence the decisions we make, and decisions based on negative emotions don’t serve us in the long run.

Make the decision today to stop procrastinating.

Damage to your reputation

When you keep saying you will do something and you don’t, or don’t do it in good time, your reputation gets tarnished, and clients lose confidence in you.

Clients are less likely to use your services again, or recommend you to others.

Risking your health

Effects of procrastination can include stress and anxiety, which themselves are linked to other health issues.

It can cause forms of depression, which affect other areas of your life negatively, and bring about another vicious circle, or downward spiral.

So don’t let procrastination take hold

The effects of procrastination may not seem all that bad at first, but over time, those effects can build, leading to stress, anxiety, broken dreams, and low self-esteem.

Instead of letting procrastination take hold, take the time to develop time management techniques to help you deal with it when it appears.

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