Web Assistance

We take on all the tasks that you don’t have the time for, don’t want to do, or don’t have the skillset for.

You focus on the aspects of your business that you are best at and enjoy the most, while we take care of whatever you require help with online.

Web Assistance Service

Web Assistance for Freelancers and Small Businesses.

Giving You an Instant Virtual ‘Web Team’ to

Save You Valuable Time…
Remove Tech Headaches and Struggles…
Assist You in Scaling Your Business and Income…
Help Guide and Support Your Business Success…

On a monthly basis, Aspect Avenue can assist you with anything related to the online side of your business.

Addressing YOUR Specific Needs and Objectives

Assistance is provided for you based on whatever your needs are in any given month. You may need some video editing and social media help in one month, then help with your email marketing the next month… Or you may need certain things doing every month…

Business Guidance Can Be Included

The hands-on work performed for you can be supplemented, if required, with email consultation (based on 20 years of doing business on the web). We’re not just your assistant – we’re a partner for you, and happy to provide feedback, opinions and guidance for the online side of your business.

Your monthly service can also include a monthly meeting call by phone or video chat. This is to discuss your needs and tasks etc. but can also be a chance to get business related feedback, opinions and guidance.

Reliable and Effective Assistance

You’ll find that the service is delivered in a professional and timely way. The service is extremely flexible in order to meet your needs and help your business.

Aspect Avenue’s services are provided by long-term web assistant, Victor Taylor, supported by a strong team of freelance professionals. We can help with any web-based services you need, and you only need to deal with one person.

Victor Taylor

Victor Taylor

Aspect Avenue Founder

Pick-and-mix the services you need – as and when you need them…

Barry Allaway

Barry Allaway

Managing Director ~ Worldwide Magazine Distribution

“We were looking for a trustworthy designer with tech knowledge to become part of our trusted team to build and implement sales funnels and sale-last automation solutions. We have built a range of solutions for clients and a strong reputation for doing what we promise, at a fair price, on time and bug free.

“Victor was our go-to-guy for all of our design and web tech needs before the company was sold. From WordPress through membership sites and sales funnel automation, Victor has a natural talent for being able to grasp what we need and turn it into a digital reality. Victor developed a range of solutions for us: Websites – sales campaign automation – newsletters & bulletins – social media banners and personalised images – back end tech solutions – e-commerce platforms (Woo and Shopify) – Active Campaign and Infusionsoft marketing and communication automation – pop ups (onscreen) posters, leaflets, business cards and pop up banners for trade shows.”

Monthly Retainer Pricing

Retainer Option 1

£ 850 Monthly
  • 1 month initial try-out period
  • Up to 20 Hours work in a month
  • Free Email Consultation & Guidance
  • Monthly Phone or Video Meeting

Retainer Option 2

£ 450 Monthly
  • 1 month initial try-out period
  • Up to 10 Hours work in a month
  • Free Email Consultation & Guidance
  • Monthly Phone or Video Meeting

Retainer Option 3

£ 135 Monthly
  • 1 month initial try-out period
  • Up to 3 Hours work in a month
  • Free Email Consultation & Guidance

You’ll find that most, general web-related assistance (copywriting, graphics, websites, videos, email marketing, marketing ‘tasks’, VA/admin work and so on) can be included in a Retainer plan.

One-off and Specific Service Pricing

Certain types of service may require an additional fee on top of the Retainer, or can be offered as the single service we provide for you. Examples include: Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation; Pay-per-click Advertising Management, Social Media Management… And we’re happy to help with one-off projects, no matter how small or large, such as setting up a website, creating a Lead Magnetetc.

One-off Projects and Specific Services

Priced according to the project or service
  • To make an enquiry, just email me using the address below.

Take the Next Step…

To be sure the service is right for you, and see if we might be a good fit for each other, it would be great to have a (no obligation, no hard selling) chat with you. Please email me to arrange a suitable day and time: admin@aspectavenue.com

If we go ahead together, you are invoiced in advance for the first month. This ‘trial month’ gives us chance to see how things go. If I continue working for you, on a monthly Retainer, no contract is signed, or recurring payment arrangement set up, until the end of the first, trial month. You are free to end the service at any time.

Tim Holmes

Tim Holmes

Business Owner ~ Growth In Business

“I struggled with setting up digital assets, trying to do everything myself and it not working properly. I was recommended by one of Victor’s previous clients to call Victor as he would be able to help. I now have a range of Digital Assets, ie Landing Pages and Automations that I did not have before.

Victor has a wide range of skills and an understanding of Digital Marketing Process which helps make things work.

“The largest piece of work was a Grants and Funding website that is linked to Stripe for taking payments.

“I would definitely recommend Victor and Aspect Avenue to other businesses.”