What is the Best Office Chair for Back Pain?

When I say “What is the Best Office Chair for Back Pain” I of course mean the best chair for getting rid of, or preventing back pain – not the best chair to give you back pain :)

The main reason behind office chair back pain, and other problems, is that sitting down is a static posture that causes stress in various parts of your body.

Let’s have a look at back pain caused by office chairs, and the best solution…

Office chair back pain

When sitting in your office chair for a long time, you can easily begin to slouch. This can overstretch your spinal ligaments and strain discs/structures surrounding your spine. Of course, over time, this can lead to back pain – and worsening back pain if the posture is repeated often.

Sitting all day isn’t natural. It’s hard to move much when in that position, and this immobility  – as you might be painfully aware! – is not a good thing for your body. It causes (or adds to) stress in your shoulders, arms, legs…and your back muscles and spinal discs.

What is the best office chair for lower back pain?

Office Chair Back Pain

The lower back is the area of your back most affected by office chairs and sitting posture habits.

You have likely heard the term ‘ergonomic’ when looking at potential office chairs for your office. An ergonomic chair is the best kind to help with your lower back. It helps you to keep a good sitting posture, and supports your back more than a basic office chair. An ergonomic chair will also need adjusting though, once you have one, to suit your body’s proportions, and the height of your desk.

An ergonomic chair is what you need, as soon as possible – whether you have lower back pain, are just starting to feel pain, or even if you don’t have a back problem yet.

What is the best office chair for long hours?

Whatever your reasons for being at your desk for long periods, a sound piece of advice is to force yourself to, or get into the habit of, taking regular breaks. Get up, walk about, stretch, do chores, and so on…

Prolonged sitting increases your risk for lots of serious conditions (not to worry you, but such conditions as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and worse).

Again, an ergonomic office chair is your best bet, and as I said, to prevent yourself from sitting for long periods in the first place. There may be problems with this in some workplaces, but definitely not in your home office. You are the boss. Take regular breaks and move your body – to both help and prevent back pain.

Office chairs and back pain

Office Chair Back Pain

The answer to the title of this article, “What is the Best Office Chair for Back Pain” is, partly, ‘any good ergonomic chair’. But the benefits of a good chair are only half the equation.

To help or prevent back pain and other problems, it’s best to also be aware of, and address any bad sitting habits. Here are a few things you can do that will help a lot:

  • Keep your seat higher than your knees.
  • Lift your chest.
  • Have your feet on the floor, one further forward than the other.
  • Lean or reach for things with your whole body.

Basic recommendation

In future articles and reviews I’ll go deeper into this subject… For now, I’d recommend just browsing/shopping for an ergonomic office chair, forming good sitting/posture habits, and taking regular breaks.

Do you have back pain from sitting at your desk? Do you have any other tips or ideas? Do you disagree with the above in any way? Please leave a comment below – your thoughts are always welcome!

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