What To Do When Freelance Work Dries Up

The vast majority of freelancers experience dry spells, especially at the beginning of their freelancing adventure. It can be scary, but those who keep their business for the long term find their way through this and live to tell the tale.

Some (maybe most…) freelancers continue to experience dry spells. However, there are ways of dealing with this problem, and even removing the problem permanently…

First of all – don’t panic!

This might be a lot easier said than done, for some. Fears can easily creep in. Doubt and worry can paralyse you and make doing something about the situation more difficult.

Panicking can lead to rushed and bad decisions.

Step back and breathe. It may be counter-intuitive, but take a whole day off if necessary. Get out in the fresh air, or find something other than business to distract you. Do what works for you to relax yourself.

Sleep on it, and let your subconscious do the work.

Keep in mind that there’s always a way forward.

When you’re ready – assess the situation

Look at what could have led to these circumstances with an objective mind… Sit and write down all the possible and likely causes.

Were your recent marketing efforts not effective? It’s time to learn more; try different approaches; revisit your marketing strategy and see what could be changed or improved.

Did life and distractions outside of work interfere with your ability to work properly on getting new clients or earning more from your existing clients? It’s time to address those issues in any way you can.

You are able to figure out the causes. You are able to do things differently. So do just that.

You may have to suffer the hard times for a bit, and get help or financial support where you can…

Meanwhile, as I’ve said, step back for a moment…objectively assess the situation…make your new plans to address the issues…and plough ahead with a new determination.

And the best advice of all: Be Prepared

If work has dried up, and/or (as with many solopreneurs) you are stuck in the cycle of ‘feast and famine’, the main key to changing matters in the future is to be prepared for possible dry spells.

When you are earning money, be sure to always put money aside, as a back-up for when times become lean.

Is the dry spell due to the time of year? If your type of service experiences natural, seasonal lows and highs, just do what you can to be prepared for this when the time comes.

Consider changing your business model to get clients on a retainer – the best way to create a reliable and consistent income. This is just one idea described a bit more in the free guide, 43 Practical Ways a Freelancer Can Generate Additional Income.

You should also have a listen to (or watch) The Freelancer’s Friend podcast episode 12: Client Retention and How to Have Reliable and Consistent Freelance Income.

You’re not alone if you experience dry spells – but you can definitely step back, assess things, and work out what needs to change to prevent it from happening in the future.

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