Winning High Value Clients While Also Enjoying Meaningful and Fulfilling Work

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It can be difficult to find projects that you really love while also getting paid what you deserve! But you don’t need to be a marketing expert or social media influencer to find and attract your dream clients.

Matt Essam is a business coach, best selling author, and keynote speaker working with creative freelancers and small businesses to help them win high-value clients, while also enjoying meaningful and fulfilling work.

In this episode he talks about pricing your services, dealing with clients who are initially put off by your fee level, and more, to help you in this area. We also chat about your mindset, and other good stuff that can make a real difference for you in your business.

Our discussion is based off the back of his latest book, ‘Create & Prosper – How to Find Your Dream Clients and Build a Freelance Business You Love’, which you can find a link for below.

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