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Work at Home Community Update #1

The first ever ‘Work at Home Community Update’!

Even though there have been a few, irritating technical bugs while the site gets started, early members have been signing up and having a look around…

The reasons for joining, that people have shared when signing up, vary a bit. But the main reason is for the community. That’s lucky, as Aspect Avenue is centred around its community members!

There will be a Community Update like this possibly every week, or at least regularly.

Member Shout-out

I’m thinking of giving a member a shout-out, or a featured member slot here, in each update. It might be based on how well they’re doing building up their member points and rank, or on them standing out or doing something interesting in the community, or something else…

Perhaps each Member Shout-out could be part of a prize in a weekly prize draw when we start getting lots of members… Please Comment below if you have any thoughts.

For this first update, I’d like to give a shout-out to ALL members who have signed up so far! 39 people have decided to give the website a go at this point, and it’s very appreciated, and you’re very welcome here! Browse all members »

Best Bits

A ‘Best Bits’ section might become a regular item on each community update.

It could highlight and link to interesting, funny, useful, or notable posts, comments or happenings in the community groups.

Best Bits

Website News

The site will be forever evolving – mainly based on members’ feedback and needs. So the Community Update is the perfect place to let you know about any new and upcoming features and changes.

Since the site opened on 20th October there have been some faults with people having trouble logging in and ‘Page Not Found’ messages appearing at pages that really do exist! These faults only started happening when members started joining – so it’s all your fault! :)

In the end, the website had to go offline for three days while the issue was being resolved. Hopefully, that major problem should be fixed for good. But please do report any errors of any kind, to help make sure things are working for everyone.

All the basics are in place now, so members are encouraged to get stuck in by using the Main Group. Maybe start by introducing yourself, and your business or the work you do from home…

Your Opinion

Please use the Comments section below for questions, thoughts, feedback… As you are the lifeblood of Aspect Avenue, it’s always great to hear your views or ideas.

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