Work at Home Community Update #2

Work at Home Community Update #2

Featured Member

Meet Michelle Padamada! Graphic Specialist, Video Editor and Social Media Strategist.

Michelle has been visiting the website frequently, even while it was suffering early technical issues. Thanks for that, Michelle! See Michelle’s info…

Michelle Padamada

Best Bits

Jo Sellars, in the Home Workspace Group, shared the first glimpse into a member’s home working environment, and how creating a dedicated area, even in a small home, makes a real physical and psychological difference to the way you work.

Best Bits

Website News

Navigation bar for members

When logged in, members now have a clear way to navigate to all their member related areas and activity.

It also shows when you have any unread notifications, so that nothing gets missed. 

Nav Bar

Live Chat – for extra support

The live chat box adds another way to help you, and is for both members and general website visitors.

Use the chat box at any time, for any reason when you’d like to get in touch. If it’s not possible to respond to you immediately, you can leave your email address for a reply asap. Conversation can then be continued by either email or the Live Chat.

Live Chat

New logo

Originally, Aspect Avenue was going to be more of a shopping type website, related to home office products and services – and the Aspect Avenue logo was created with that in mind. However, the site and business quickly went in a different direction, and the logo needs to better reflect the purpose of the site… So that’s on the way…

Your Opinion

Please use the Comments section below for questions, thoughts, feedback… As you are the lifeblood of Aspect Avenue, it’s always great to hear your views or ideas.

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